Carnival Game Rentals are awesome. We have a large selection of games for all different ages and types of events. We have a lot more games than are shown on this website. If there is something your looking for and you don’t see it just ask.

Wreck 'n Ball

Swing the ball knock over the blocks.


Throw 3 balls try to land them all in the same color.

Troll Toss

Throw the bean bags and knock over the trolls.


The old classic Game Show Game.

Milk Bottles

Throw the Bean Bags and Knock over the Milk Bottles.


Small miniature golf putting game

The Bomb

Test your Football skills with this game.


Shoot a Nerf dart gun at a target.

Potty Toss

Throw the balls in the toilet seat.

Pop a Pimple

Pop a Pimple is a fun magnatic dart board.

About Carnival Games

Carnival Game Rentals
Carnival Games are a great addition to a lot of events. These games are the most fun when we you get the full carnival booth set up! We bring in multiple games under carnival tents and your guests play to win prizes!
We have over 30 different carnival games (Most aren’t shown here). We have carnival game booths and can get provide prizes for your event or you can supply your own. We can send workers to run the games for your guests or you can easily run these on your own.
Adding just one or two Carnival Game Rentals to a backyard party can add a lot of fun to your event, without the prizes or booth.  


Carnival Games: are $35 each.
Carnival Game Booths: are $75 per booth and we normally put 2 games in each booth.
Prizes: Prices vary depending on the size of the prize and on how many prizes you order.  They start at around $.05 per prize
Attendants: are $85 for the first 3 hours and $18 each additional hour.

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