A Lot of Fun Stuff Utah Concession Machine Rentals

We have Cotton Candy Machines, Popcorn Machines and Snow Cone Machines


On all concession machine rentals we bring the supplies and you pay for what you use. We deliver everything we rent therefore we have a $80 Minimum on equipment rentals and outside Salt Lake County travel charges may apply.

Cotton Candy Machine
Machine Rental $40 (for one calander day) Floss Sugar (the sugar used to make cotton candy) $10 Per Carton 1 carton makes about 50 cotton candy cones the price includes the paper cones. Plastic Bags available on request $.05 each
Snow Cone Machine
Machine Rental $40 (for one calander day) Snow Cone Syrup $10 per gallon1 gallon makes about 100 snow cones. Paper Snow Cones $.05 each Ice available upon request (we wont bring any unless you request it and with ice you will have to pay for what we bring.) $3.50 per bag
Popcorn Machine
Machine Rental $40 (for one calander day) Popcorn $1 per bag 1 bag makes 7-10 small sacks of popcorn. Small paper sacks are included in this price.
Contact us at (801) 282-8560 marcus@alotoffunstuff.com